I love the solitude of reading. I love the deep dive into someone else’s story, the delicious ache of a last page.
— Naomi Shihab Nye (via larmoyante)


yo but this says so much about rape when a woman would literally rather be around a murderer than a rapist

All this bad blood here, won’t you let it dry? 
/ All of your flaws and all of my flaws
/ But oblivion is calling out your name

I don’t care about losing people who don’t wanna be in my life anymore. I’ve lost people who meant the world to me and I’m still doing just fine.
— (via suchvodka)

Deck The Hall Ball 2013 [x]

get to know me meme | [2/5] male characters » kieren walker

↳ ”I’m just a person who didn’t want to do any more harm.”

I just want to be the person you miss at 3am.
Beau Taplin - Firstly, let me be the absence in your chest, secondly, let me be the one who fills it. (via daisyjpg)

American Horror Story:  Freak Show.


Northlane - Quantum Flux


Northlane - Quantum Flux

You have your whole life ahead of you. Be smart. Study hard and be independent…You must rely on yourself. No matter what else people may steal from you, they will never be able to take away your knowledge. The world is changing. You must make your own life outside this home.
— Adeline Yen Mah (via purplebuddhaproject)

"I’m terrible at goodbyes. But sleep soundly, at the fact that I just wanna be yours, baby." (Alex Turner, Reading Festival, 23.08.2014)